Friday, 11 November 2011

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Xbox 360 & PS3

Hello world, are you all reading this right now or are you too focused either playing Skyrim or MW3 or battlefield 3? If you are a die hard fan of all 3 then you have likely done a Kurt Cobain to put yourself out your misery. My point being that I feel ready to do a review of Skyrim and NONE OF YOU PEOPLE WILL BE READING!
So a quick summary of the game pretty much is that it’s the Fifth game in The Elder Scrolls RPG series, it has more dragons, trolls, warriors and more mythical creatures than J. R. R. Tolkien’s porn collection… and as usual you’re the chosen one.

So, where do I begin? I might as well start comparing to the forth game Oblivion in bullet points.
  • The character creation looks much nicer, unlike Oblivion where if you don’t spend 2 hours making your character he/she will look like the elephant man.
  • The story is a bit more explained, Oblivion feels like you’re totally clueless to as of what’s happening, “I am a king, YOU MUST HELP ME, ARGH I’M DEAD” (I’m likely offending Oblivion fans but I need to be honest and say that as my experience of it many years ago at the beginning.) 
  • The new game Engine ‘Creation’ is pretty neat, I mean I love the GameByro engine still but it’s a nice change.
  • Dead bodies don’t flop about as much (but ofcourse they still move like Taggart bodies.)
  • In personal opinion, it actually feels a bit more like Fallout.
  • The soundtrack is beautiful.
Now, I must get my childishness out the way and say this. Skyrim sounds like ‘The skies anus’. Done.

The game is one of these shiny, fancy games, like the guy with new trainers at school and the girls take a liking to him because they can smell money. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game and delivered what it promised, however what it promised was novelty and I don’t feel that players will be exploring the world as long as they anticipated (They won’t be 70 and they might just pass exams yet.)
So here is my recommendation: If you like fantasy games and mythical creatures and like long walks… BUY SKYRIM

If the only games in your game collection are Fifa, Call of Duty and or the one that came with the console… Don’t ever visit my blog again please, I can smell you.

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