Sunday, 1 January 2012

Cloud Gaming: A big smelly cloud of toxic waste

Cloud Gaming? You might as well shoot Mario in the face.
It seems that I can’t escape this new way of gaming provided by a company called ‘OnLive’. Every single time I went to watch a YouTube video or go on a gaming website this would hit me in the face like a child with ADHD wanting a hug.
SO WHAT IS CLOUD GAMING?’ the annoying American man would ask me unexpectedly, he then proceeded to tell me what it was.
I then discovered it’s another way to cut out having media storage of games, on disks and cartages and even installed on your PC, an aspect even Steam has kept in part. This kind of industry in my opinion, is killing the heart of gaming. It’s killing aspects to games such as box art, manuals, art on disks and of course, physical games and game shops and the best part is that they STREAM the games to you. So if the Internet goes down? Tough. Go play Cluedo with Gran.
Imagine this: You get a bike for Christmas, you’re having so much fun, face full of joy, then your local ISP dig up some cables and the internet goes down, GRAZED KNEES, BIKE VANISHES, TEARS!
It’s just an opinion, but I feel strongly for it, we should own the right to have a copy of a game, not just the right to access the game from somewhere else on someone elses terms, this isn’t what gaming is about, we have evolved since the times of Arcades, lets not roll back to giving money for things that aren’t truly ours!
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