Sunday, 1 January 2012

Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (3DS Edition)

Most Zelda fans can get really cynical when it comes to Zelda games, especially remakes, so I was a little nervous about playing this ‘remastered’ version, like performing heart surgery on yourself.
Yet this game is still as beautiful as when it came out for Nintendo 64 and has infact improved without destroying the feel of the original.
Things which have vastly improved:

  • The Graphics are much smoother, without taking away what they originally look like.

  • The Gyroscope sort of aiming function on 3DS actually works a treat, originally I thought this would be like a blindman playing house of the dead whilst on fire.

  • The 3D effect is actually quite cool and not just a gimmick.  

You also get a new Boss mode, which is handy as it means I don’t have to restart the game to play a boss again, which I did have to do quite often i’m I’m honest.
I haven’t much more to say about this game rather than I am extremely happy with it, it couldn’t have been better. This game is both a reason for having a DS and for buying this game if you already do.
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