Sunday, 1 January 2012

The MediEvil Series: What in gods name happened to the Developers?

'I smell shafting' Says Sir Dan.

Personally, MediEvil is one of the best games of all time, my opinion on that won't change. It seems to have been lost over the years, like change down the sofa, or the bouncy ball that caused your mother to divorce your father (Long story).

One thing I noticed was that the developers of the game at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have vanished, there is very light mentioning of them on the net but nothing substantial.
Infact! the only name given credit to the game I could find (on twitter) is , who seems to be responsible for most of the recent Sony achievements such as Little Big Planet and such. I am currently awaiting reply on twitter from this man, I am not denying him the fact of involvement in the series but it would be nice to know why he isn't listed in the credits of the original game.

I have also messaged people with similar names of developers of MediEvil such as Chris Sorrell and Jason Wilson, however it seems they have not had much activity in recent years.

The only info I could find on Chris Sorrell was this page:

Yet on another page, being this one:
Chris isn't listed as involved in MediEvil.

In this video, Chris Sorrell and Jason Wilson are both interviewed about the upcoming game, so where did they go? Did Sony set fire to their houses and kill their Families? There seems to be a missing gap here, can you help us fill it?

If anyone has any information this you can contact us at @ThumbsFightWars on Twitter.

We'll find you guys and be as joyous as a 20 stone man finding his 'Penis'

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