Thursday, 9 February 2012

New consoles soon = Stabbing developers in the eyes

Everyone seems to get really excited at all these tall tale rumours of new consoles coming out apparently within the year, tales of the Playstation 4 and Xbox 'do a a double backflip' 720, appropriately named so because developers will have to.

People don't seem to understand two important things:

The first being that rumours are like smelling something good cooking then realising it was someone's bowel movement, it distracts everyone from what's happening now with our perfectly powerful game systems and games coming out for them , new and exciting titles get shoved to the side for gaming news such as 'THE NEW 720 MIGHT EVEN FUCK YOUR WIFE WHILE YOU'RE AT WORK!'

The second thing is that a game doesn't have to have power behind it to make it a good game! Look at the wonders that are developed by indie developers that create small games such as Limbo. Not only that but people seem to be confused by what HD gaming consists of, a game in 720p CAN look better than a game in 1080p, which makes the fact that people are obsessed with this redundant. If developers are forced to use full HD just for the sake of  making the new consoles look like anything different from we have previously experienced. Consoles such as the PS3 haven't even came close to using the maximum power of the system and since we live in a time where we can change the software versions and buy external Hard Drives why in fuckerys name would we need a new console that we'll never see using it's full power?

This behaviour will only hurt the industry.

Think before you gamers spread rumours, use only facts.

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